Lorena Hodgson

Lorena’s career has been multi-faceted, with technology, heritage, gaming, education, creativity and american cars all playing a part…

Connecting people, introducing them to new ideas and skills, and organising events/projects link all the above together.

Red Barn Creative is a registered not-for-profit company that is the vehicle for Lorena’s creative side – running workshops (traditional and new maker skills), creating and hosting websites, and producing events – particularly for others coming to the area.


Wisbech Projects CIC is also a not-for-profit company. Focussed on the Wisbech area, running projects for the community. Currently, Wisbech Projects CIC is running an Arts Council funded project to show the work of local artists and those inspired by the town and surrounding Fenlands – see www.WisbechArtSpace.com

Lorena is a Trustee of the Wisbech Society (the local civic society) and on the board of CLLD a European funding programme