Case Study

Asta had an idea to share her lovel of reading. Promoting it via Facebook, she “met” Lorena who offered to help with some advice and some work on the graphics. Using Lorena produced Facebook headers, leaflets and a bookmark, adding and changing as required. Business advice was about funding, ideas on promotions, and connecting Asta to other groups who could help. This is part of Wisbech Projects CIC as one strand of its work, (currently self-funded)

Connecting Asta to Lizzi Wales, Youth and Community Coordinator at Cambridgeshire County Council and to the Healthy Fenland Fund enabled Asta to get some funding to pay for materials for the book packs as well as a new printer to copy the handwritten sheets that are a part of the image of the project (produced by her daughter).

Connecting to Wisbech Reads has enabled further support to keep the project going while children have gone back to school as well as enable the special packs for the Half term holiday.

Asta and Rima Simkute already knew each other, but it is great to see them working together and bringing them together at The Penelope Club website (until we can meet again).